Commodity28% Grade 30% Grade
Mn %28.1630.26
Fe %23.4622.17
SiO2 %5.784.90
Al2O3 %8.878.13
MgO %0.620.59
P %0.0380.044
S %0.0190.023
ContaminationRed & White StoneRed & White Stone

South Africa (High Fe Manganese)

Mn %44
Fe %6
SiO2 %7.5
P %0.10
S %0.01
Moisture %8% Max

Manganese Ore


Manganese is one of the most commonly used industrial metals in the world, with a long and established history. The first usage of manganese in steel production was recorded in the 18th century, and steel cannot be made without manganese.  Today, over 90% of ore mined from the ground is eventually consumed by the steel industry. Before it can be used in steelmaking, it is first processed by smelting, a reduction process that transforms the oxides in raw ores into metallic ferroalloys. Other applications include batteries, aluminium, and the chemical industry.

We are suppliers of Manganese Ore from South Africa and Brazil.